Welcome to Sushi Max in Lebanon, TN - Home of the BEST SUSHI IN THE WORLD!
Hours of Operation

11:30am - 2pm Lunch
5pm - 8pm Dinner

5pm - 8pm Dinner


Break Time
2pm - 5pm

224 West Main

Lebanon, TN

615-453-0424 (fax)

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SushiMax was voted best resturaunt in Wilson County for 2015 by the Nashville Scene! SushiMax was voted best resturaunt in Wilson County for 2015 by the Nashville Scene!
We are back! Come in for your sushi fix!
Customer Reviews
Sushi Max is the best resuraunt in Lebanon! I am so thankful that they are here.
I have eaten sushi all over the US and in other countries and it is really the best!

- Donna - Lebanon, TN
Sushi Max absolutely rocks! I used to have to drive almost an hour to get good sushi, now I can the get best sushi in the world right here in Lebanon!
It is definitely on my once a week place to eat list!

- Richard - Lebanon, TN
This is the best sushi I've ever had!
- Cathy - Naperville, IL
Sushi Max is by far the best Sushi that I've had. I've eaten sushi at several places in Nashville prior to eating at Sushi Max, but now I won't go anywhere else.
If you're from out of town, it is well worth the commute.

- Melanie - Lebanon, TN
We Love, Sushi Max. We have tried so many Sushi Bars and Restaurants and tothink the very best of all of them is in Lebanon, What a Blessing.
Max and Grace are so wonderful and most gracious, they make every one feelwelcome and their place is spotless.
I often order to go, Max remembers whatI ordered last time and even remembered the extra ginger.You will Love Sushi Max.

- Sarah and Chris Stemmer - Mt Juliet, TN
Sushi Max is THE BEST sushi i have ever had! I have talked to people who have had sushi all around the world and they all agree sushi max is the best.
I know because its in lebanon its hard to believe but its true! I LOVE SUSHI MAX!
And by the way Grace is the sweetest person in the world!

- Eva - Lebanon, TN
I loved Sushi Max! I ate there today for the first time and thought the sushi was the best! I will be going back very soon!
- Ashley - Gordonsville, TN
The sushi is great, the service is wonderful too. Well worth the drive from Nashville
- Mari - Nashville, TN
Wow, this is the first time I have eaten at Sushi Max and I was very impressed. The sushi was excellent, the staff was polite and friendly.The fish was very fresh at the perfect temperature. What more can you ask for?Last Friday we ate at a Japanese restaurant in Nashville touted to be the best, I have to say Sushi Max had them beat! I will be visiting on a regular basis from now on.
- Charles Smith - Lebanon, TN
Wow! I have eaten sushi in many places, not just in TN but around the country, and I cannot believe the best place to eat sushi is right here in Lebanon, 5 minutes from my house! Even my husband who always thought sushi was 'ok', now loves it! This is our favorite place to eat when we just want to get away and be together. The owners are wonderful and make us feel at home.
- Maria - Lebanon, TN
My neice lives on Lebanon and we have eaten a lot of sushi in Nashville and Memphis. I have to say that Sushi Max is worth the drive no matter where you live. Every time I come for a visit we always go to Sushi Max. Its the best!
- Deborah - Memphis, TN
I have eaten sushi at many different places, and Sushi Max is my favorite! I love the Spicy Tuna Roll and the Rocky Top roll. The fish is always fresh and delicious. The white tuna sashimi is excellent. Max and Grace are very kind and attentive. Don't let the fact that this place is in 'little ole Lebanon' fool you...this is seriously some of the best sushi I have ever had!
- Heather - Lebanon, TN
Before sushi max I was eating at a place that just served sushi.Sushi Max are experts I love their sushi! Its always very fresh and to me its the best sushi in town!
- Allie - Lebanon, TN
I had some great Sushi( SO I thought) the prev week and had been craving some badly. While Driving around Lebanon I discovered this place. I placed the order to go and they had it ready in literally 2min. It was great better then what I had the prev week before. Sushi Max is my new Sushi home!
- Tracee - Lebanon, TN
We are SO thankful that Sushi Max is here in Lebanon now so that we have access to great sushi! The customer service and food are wonderful!
- Michelle - Lebanon, TN
The best Sushi in middle TN. My Famliy allways looks forward to eating at Sushi Max and the Service is second to none.
- Jessie - Lebanon, TN
I was in Nashville for work related business. I found myself in Lebanon for a variety of reasons. I LOVE good Sushi, and have indulged in places across the country. I wish I had known about Sushi Max earlier, it stands out as some of greatest (if not the greatest) sushi I have ever had. Great environment, great staff, beyond great sushi are there. If you have the opportunity I would suggest eating at the sushi bar if only to see a master at work. They create art work of sushi. I'll be back !!!
- Xander - Morristown, TN
I have had a lot of sushi, and get a craving for it, from time to time, but I gotta say, after eating at Sushi Max, I can't eat sushi anywhere else!! My fiance and I went after seeing this very website, and fell insanely in love. He brought his best friend to try sushi for the first time, and he loves it, now, too. Ever since going the first time, I've been wanting to go back! See you soon!!
- Heather - Carthage/Murfreesboro, TN
I have eaten sushi many different places and in different parts of the country and SushiMax is delicious. As good as you will find! Thanks Max!
- Randy - Lebanon,TN
Best Sushi and Sashimi I've ever had anywhere, I've had just about every thing and love it, Max your the Best and his wife is the Best Hostess
- Stanley - Lebanon, Tn
Absolutely fresh and amazing! Those are the words that come to mind when I think of Sushi Max! If I could, I'd eat there everyday! Great service, and even better sushi! If you love sushi, you have to go, very reasonably priced to boot!
- Jamie - Lebanon, TN
I go there and get the same thing every time. I enjoy the food and it's very affordable. The owners always greet me with a smile and know what I want, like I'm part of their family. If you are looking for good food for an affordable cost, you don't want to pass up this place!
- Elizabeth - Lebanon, TN
I really enjoyed knowing there was a sushi place in Lebanon. Now, anytime I have craving for some amazing sushi, I know I can go to Sushi Max and eat to my heart's content. It is truly the best sushi I have ever had and will be going back many times!
- Adali - Lebanon, Tn
I eat at sushi-max at least twice a week. The sushi is always great and ready super fast!! extra wasabi!
- Tim - Lebanon
Amazing!!! The staff are so polite and they make you feel instantly welcome! The sushi is fresh and tastes awesome! You really cannot get a better price anywhere or better quality! This will be the ONLY sushi place I go to from now on! Clean and friendly ! They surely earned my business And my recommendation to any sushi lover!!! Will be bringing them alot more business for certain!
- Tyler - Lebanon Tennessee
Drove from Nolensville TN last Thursday night and was impressed with the service and food, will be back do't know if it the bset in the world, but it great for around the Nashville area
- JoGPS - Nolensville TN
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